An Afternoon with Kamal Alayche of Zeina Homes

An Afternoon with Kamal Alayche of Zeina Homes
star-logo We recently had the opportunity to head out to Hamilton to meet with Kamal Alayche of Zeina Homes. We discussed everything from Zeina Homes’ recent success at the Hamilton-Halton Homebuilders’ Association (HHHBA) Awards, to their current projects, and we even toured the Paradise Meadows community and model home.

Zeina Homes’ Philosophy

Our discussion was focused mainly on Paradise Meadows, Zeina Homes’ Hamilton community, which also happens to be their largest. Phase 2 of Paradise Meadows is complete, with only one more home under construction, and it is the winner of the HHHBA award for Community of the Year. Zeina Homes is currently working on Phase 3 of Paradise Meadows, which is comprised of approximately 30 detached homes. When asked about Phase 3 of Paradise Meadows, Alayche stated, “We’re continuing in the same direc-tion as Phase 2 — building custom homes. You just tell us what you want, and we can build it for you. Nothing is impossible. We do have our own plans, but you can make any adjustments you want. For example, The Zenith — it’s 3,608 square feet; changes can be done at no extra charge. Any changes you like — move that wall or that wall, take out the wall to the second bedroom and extend the master — whatever you want. We could almost build you a spaceship.” Alayche went on the explain that Zeina Homes has a decorator that sits with you through the entire process of choosing your features and finishes. You select everything from colours, to kitchen acces-sories, to doors — everything! And a Zeina Homes professional is guiding you step by step until you hold the keys to your new home. Zeina Homes is a true family business. Alayche highlighted his two brothers that are always on site, checking up on the contractors and giving customers construction tours. “With us, it’s not like you sign and then we stay here behind our desks. We follow up, and my brothers are right there on the site. Customers feel confident when they see the builder right there watching over everything — not in his limousine or behind his desk,” Alayche explained.

Zeina Homes’ Project in Dundas

Zeina Homes’ most recent project is the Royal Collection in Dundas. Alayche pulled out the render-ings and siteplan for the project and showed them to us. Six lots, ranging from 1.6-acres to two-acres — million dollar bungalows. To say that we were impressed would be an understatement. Picture the most perfect luxury cottage, and that’s what these designs look like. Except you’re not in cottage country, you’re in Dundas, nestled into the best natural surroundings that Hamilton has to offer. You can visit to see some of the available designs that Zeina Homes is offering in Dundas.


About Zeina Homes

As we stated earlier, Zeina Homes is a family business. Their third generation directors offer decades of luxury homebuilding experience. Zeina Homes’ has established a flawless reputation throughout southern Ontario thanks to their outstanding customer service, devotion to quality craftsmanship, and their constant efforts to exceed industry standards. In addition to Community of the Year, Zeina Homes also took home the HHHBA award for the Best Custom Home Over $2,000,000 with The Enclave model from The Signature Collection in Oakville. A homebuilder doesn’t get to the point of building award-winning, multi-million dollar homes without making a good name for themselves. We would like to thank Kamal Alayche for taking the time to chat with us about Zeina Homes and their current projects. For more information on Zeina Homes, check out their page on