Spring Into Your Home Upkeep

Spring Into Your Home Upkeep
Now that spring has finally sprung it’s time to start ridding our homes of winter’s impact. Ice, wind and snow can wreck havoc on both the exterior and interior of your home, as dust, pollens and other molecules have formed due to heaters, etc. Have a look at these spring maintenance tips to help refresh your home and keep it in good standing:
  • Clear eavestroughs of debris and extend downspouts so any moisture is shielded away from your house. Water flowing abound the foundation may get into the basement.
  • Roof inspections by a professional is advised to secure flashing, shingles and chimney caps have survived the cold and are in good standing as well as properly sealed.
  • Fix required caulking around doors, windows and above the roof should it be separated or cracked.
  • Replace and/or clean the furnace filter, inspect air ducts, take away covers and run the vacuum to suck up dust from any vents.
  • Clean/check the heat recovery ventilator (HRV), making sure to replace the filter and wash if necessary.
  • Check for condensation and ensure humidity levels inside the house are ideal. Don’t forget to clean your humidifier if need be.
  • Inspect your sidewalks and driveway for snow/frost damage.
Ensuring proper care of your home will keep its value to date and ease your mind knowing you and your loved ones are secured.