Zeina Homes – Traditional Values of Excellence

Zeina Homes – Traditional Values of Excellence

Forum Magazine – Feb/Mar 2018

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Zeina means beautiful. A word reflective not just of the caliber of construction of Zeina Homes, but of the very heart and soul of their business. It’s the type of company where everyone is family; from clients, to employees, to associated business partners, and everyone in between. The feeling of brotherhood and the camaraderie that accompanies it extends from the company’s founding brothers and extending to all who they come into contact with.

They learned the traditional values that have been the foundation of their success from their father, a prominent commercial and residential builder in Lebanon. With modest beginnings in Canada, the brothers worked tirelessly establishing Zeina Homes.

7116659_20944745Their new endeavor required hard work, sweat, and tears, but working together as a team and incorporating traditional values in their way of doing business has been the cornerstone of their success. Even to this day, officers can be found on site: each one having his own specialty whether it’s overseeing foundations and framing, looking after the drywall and finishes, everything from A to Z. They maintain their modesty, working in whatever capacity is required in the business to ensure the process runs smoothly.

This kind of real success story of a first generation Canadian is made of true vision. Their aim was always excellence as they strived for perfection in every facet of a home’s construction and always keeping in mind their priority of ensuring the client’s satisfaction with the completed home. Towards that end, they work with only the best professionals in their respective fields, from tradespeople, to the sales team, to the customer service personnel. Each one of them is treated like family and in return they work from the heart, dedicated to building a client’s home with the same care and consideration they would if it were their very own.

This work ethic came down to their values of honesty and integrity and the belief that what you give in life you get ten times in return. The results speak for themselves: Zeina Homes has an almost unheard of zero rating at Tarion for their New Homes Warranty, meaning that clients were so satisfied with their homes and the quality of construction that they either never had a problem or if they had a problem it was immediately and satisfactorily resolved.

By aiming to give the clients more for their money, Zeina Homes goes above and beyond requirements for building code and sets an advertised price that includes all of the upgrades and modifications that other builders typically up-sell. At the end of the construction process, Zeina Homes has the best value for the dollar on their finished products, while ensuring the same level of attention is paid in the construction of each home.

8As part of their unique niche, Zeina Homes makes the customer feel like part of the family. Business is done on a handshake and the clients feel an immediate sense of trust with the professional team at Zeina Homes.

They are involved in every step of the process, from making changes to the floor plan or design, scheduled accompanied site visits with an officer, to meeting with designers who help clients select finishes and colors. Nothing is a secret or hidden cost and the team ensures the customer knows and feels comfortable with exactly how the finished product will look like. That way, Zeina Homes makes certain that they are providing exactly what the customer desires.

Their attention to detail and commitment to the client in the building process has garnered them loyal customers who refer their friends and family with confidence. It’s also earned them numerous awards from the Hamilton-Halton Builders Association including community of the year, best custom home over 2 million dollars, best custom home over 3 million dollars, best interior, best exterior, and best decor centre among other accolades.

Recently, Zeina Homes has begun specializing in unique customizations. They’re happy to work with clients to build the home of their dreams whether it be including an in-law suite, an indoor pool, elevators, a theatre room, saunas, wine cellars, special water filtration systems or handicapped-accessible properties. If there is anything that they haven’t previously done they will select the specialized trade that fits the customization properly. Examples can be seen in many of Zeina’s creations. They are concerned with finding the best in every product, that way, they can personally vouch for the quality and be certain the products they recommend are the very best.

As a family company, Zeina Homes believes in giving back to the community and helping others. Giving of their time and their money, they support local hospitals, church organizations, sports teams and charity organizations. Their apprenticeship programs and co-ops for students at both the high school and college levels has opened doors for young people thinking of their future careers. And out of respect for their late father and all that he instilled in them, the family has continued to support, and expand upon a scholarship program for students in Lebanon initiated by him years ago.

They’re the kind of rare company that makes their employees’ eyes well up with tears of gratitude when they speak of their kindness and their way of running the business. The unique dynamics of the family, having that total love and caring relationship between brothers and respectfully working together is nearly unheard of; and it’s the type of energy that just flows through the business itself. It’s an attitude that has come to be so well respected in the industry.

The future of the company is also growing. Zeina Homes is not just a business, but a legacy; one founded on their father, Mr. Alayche’s work ethic. As a nod to their roots and their bond as a strong family unit, Zeina Homes has become a division of Alayche Homes, and developing the business for their children and beyond.

The kids themselves are engrained in the business. They are often seen at the office and help out their parents, learning aspects of the company. During the holidays, it’s the children who deliver thank-you gifts to the clients, with a little help from their parents of course. They, themselves, are learning to always strive for excellence. A lesson that is seeing them reach great heights like medical school, law school and Harvard University.

In everything they do, the Alayche family and Zeina Homes prove the secret to strong and lasting success is found in a base of strong family values, perseverance, respect, compassion, caring, hard work, dedication, excellence. And that, in a word, is beautiful.